"Introducing the new age of sponsorships
by using social media marketing activities"

We’re Diamond Sponsorship and what we do is, we reach out to potential
companies & brands who would like to sponsor you if the sponsorship is
beneficial for both parties. Think about fashion brands, electronic brands,
car brands and many more brands in different industries.

~D.Luziano | Diamond Sponsoring Agent


A celebrity is used to impart credibility and aspirational values to a brand. A good brand campaign idea and an intrinsic link between the celebrity and the message are musts for a successful campaign. Celebrities are no doubt good at generatingĀ attention, recall and positive attitudes towards advertising provided that they are supporting a good idea and there is an explicit fit between them and the brand.

Diamond Sponsoring makes sure that artists, celebrities & VIP’s get linked with brands that fit and benefits both parties.

Sport Athletes

The majority of companies that sponsor athletes do so because of a direct interest in a particular athlete or a particular athlete status in his sport. Many times you will see an company or major brand sponsor for purely commercial reasons. Therefore when we refer to seeking sponsorship and recruitment of sponsorship, we will be referring to beneficial businesses & different beneficial sponsors.

Diamond Sponsoring makes sure that sport athletes are provided with brands inside and outside their sport activities that fit and benefits both parties.


Business sponsorship is a major source of funding for many events as more and more companies have discovered this to be a powerful marketing tool. Building and strengthening your company brand through effective visibility is one of the key essentials in business strategy.

Diamond Sponsoring makes sure that companies are connected with brands or people that fit and benefits both parties during their relationship.


Sponsorship can benefit you in many ways; the most visible way is in securing much-needed funds to help support and manage your non-profit or profit organization, providing travelling cost and free equipment material and such more.

Diamond Sponsoring makes sure that organizations are trusted with funds from the right companies and people.